The following process is necessary to acknowledge Hipaa training.

By checking the box below, I agree to sign my documents electronically. I agree that an electronic signature is as legally binding as if I had signed on paper. I acknowledge that I have read the Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure.

If you do not wish to sign electronically, contact your Client First Financial Group representative and we will assist you in obtaining an acknowledgement. Signing this document electronically will not obligate you to conduct future business with the company electronically.

I Agree

HIPAA Acknowledgement

You must have reviewed and completed the HIPAA to HITECH training presentation and agree to the following:

I have completed the HIPAA to HITECH training presentation. I understand and acknowledge my legal responsibilities to safeguard personal information (PI) as required by HIPAA and the HITECH Act.
I understand my legal obligations to safeguard personal information (PI) from loss.
I understand my legal obligations to maintain anti-virus and encryption software on my personal computer if I store personal information (PI) electronically.
I understand my legal obligations to immediately notify Washington National in the event that personal information (PI) becomes misplaced, lost, stolen or is wrongfully disclosed, even if a wrongful disclosure is inadvertent or accidental.