Money-saving protection from every direction.

Upgrade your health insurance benefits with Gap360 supplemental coverage.

With Gap360’s benefit and optional rider combinations, you may be able to reduce many of your out-of-pocket healthcare costs:

  • In-Hospital Benefit Rider
  • Outpatient Benefit Rider
  • Physician Benefit Rider
  • Wellness Benefit Rider
You can say goodbye to many out-of-pocket health insurance deductibles, coinsurance and copayments!

It would be nice if health insurance paid for every little medical expense. But to keep coverage affordable, most plans require the insured to pay a certain amount in the form of deductibles and copayments before benefits start. And the larger these amounts are, the lower the health insurance rates generally are.

Lower rates are good. But with a higher deductible, individuals face a larger burden when they have to pay medical bills for an unexpected hospitalization or even routine doctor visits.

That’s where Gap360 steps in. It begins with, paying the costs you normally have to pay. And it can cover far more than just deductibles.

End the worry over high out-of-pocket hospital costs.

Medical care is expensive, and costs continue to increase. One unexpected hospitalization or emergency room visit can obligate you to pay your entire deductible at once. Gap360 can reduce the amount you have to pay.

Plus, if your health insurance doesn’t cover 100% of the bills until they reach a certain limit (often called “coinsurance”), Gap360 can help cover that, too. Whether potential uncovered costs are $500 or $10,000 (based on the amount selected by the employer), a Gap360 option lets you rest easier, knowing your family won’t face a mountain of medical bills.

In-Hospital Benefit

Available calendar maximums per person: $500, $750, $1,000, $1,250, $1,500, $1,750, $2,000, $2,500, $3,000, $3,500, $4,000, $5,000, $6,000, $7,000 or $10,000.

How this benefit works:

  • It pays up to the maximum benefit per person, per calendar year for hospital confinement due to sickness, injury or accident.
  • Gap 360 and any optional riders are limited to the deductible, copayment and coinsurance amounts in place with your major medical plan.
  • This benefit also is payable for hospital emergency room treatment due to sickness or injury. (Sickness requires a hospital confinement within 24 hours of the hospital emergency room treatment.)
You can’t be turned down for coverage.

As long as a person has an underlying major medical or comprehensive health insurance, is 18 or older and works at least 20 hours per week, he or she will qualify. Pre-existing conditions are covered (if covered under the major medical plan), and no health exam is required.

Cover the gaps for the entire family.

Your family can get Gap360 coverage, too, as long as he or she is covered by a major medical or comprehensive health insurance plan. The employee’s dependent children are eligible to age 26, if they are full-time students.