Supplemental hospital indemnity insurance.

Focus on your care, not on the costs.

Rising costs.
Supplemental insurance.

A stay in the hospital can be expensive. But your first concern should be for care and treatment.

That’s why there’s Hospital Secure from Washington National Insurance Company. It’s supplemental insurance for the expenses associated with a hospital stay.

After all, costs are rising—and your current coverage could leave you responsible for copayments, deductibles, transportation expenses and more.

Hospital care: The facts

  • Hospital care represents the largest share, 31%, of all healthcare expenditures in the U.S. It’s the most significant driving factor in the rising cost of healthcare nationwide.
  • More than 35 million people are admitted to U.S. hospitals each year.
  • The average stay in a U.S. hospital lasts 4.9 days.
How would you pay for unexpected costs?

  • Spend savings.
  • Sell assets.
  • Go into debt.
  • Purchase supplemental insurance.
Your benefits from Hospital Secure Hospital Secure helps protect you against the costs your current insurance might not address. And with two simple plan options, you choose the plan that’s right for you to cover the following items:

  • Hospital confinement benefit
  • Outpatient surgical benefit
  • Doctor office visit benefit
  • Emergency room benefit
  • Emergency travel benefit
  • Optional riders
Hospital confinement benefit

$1,000, $1,500, $2,000 OR $2,500 per confinement

Paid when an insured person is admitted to a hospital for 24 hours or more. Confinements that occur within 30 days of each other are considered one confinement. Premiums are based on the benefit level you select.

Outpatient surgical benefit

$100 per outpatient surgery

Doctor office visit benefit

$30 per visit

Emergency room and emergency room travel benefit

$100 per eligible visit OR $200 per eligible visit when emergency room visit occurs more than 100 miles from insured person’s residence.

Optional riders

These riders are available at an additional cost.

Hospitalization daily benefit rider

$100, $200 OR $300 per day of confinement

Payable beginning the second day of confinement.

Rider form series R1019DB

Pet boarding benefit rider

$30 per day Payable for each day the insured is confined to a hospital and requires boarding for a cat or dog in a kennel, limited to 14 days per confinement.

Rider form series R1019PB

Riders are subject to state availability.

Our assurances

With Washington National, you get these important assurances:

  • Your benefits are paid directly to you or to whomever you choose, unless otherwise required.
  • Your benefits have no lifetime maximum limits, except where stated.
  • Your benefits are paid regardless of any other insurance you carry.
  • Your rates cannot be increased unless all rates of that kind are raised in your state.
  • As long as you pay premiums when due, your policy is guaranteed renewable
Focus on your care, not on the costs.