Straightforward, assured life insurance that keeps pace with your life.

Life insurance to age 98 without lifelong premiums.

Washington National Life Assure offers you affordable term life protection that evolves with your changing needs during your working years and into retirement.

During Your Working Years
A guaranteed level premium with a HIGH DEATH BENEFIT protects you when you need coverage the most.

Into Retirement
At age 65, when you likely have less disposable income, your life insurance can convert to a lower death benefit WITH NO MORE PREMIUMS DUE.

Coverage choices

  1. Death benefit amount

  2. Term
    To-age-65 level-premium term, continued into retirement with a lower death benefit OR alternative 15-year level-premium term

  3. 50% Return of Premium (ROP) feature
    When you choose coverage with the optional 50% ROP feature, at age 65 you can convert your cash value to a lower death benefit with no more premiums due.

    You also can choose coverage without the ROP feature. The lower rate is guaranteed for the level-premium term period. At age 65, you can continue your death benefit to age 98 by paying the annual renewable term rate.
Cash Value Options

At age 65, your policy’s cash value can be converted to a lower death benefit with no more premiums due.

You can also:

  • Use your cash value to extend your base policy.
  • Receive a check for your full cash value and pay the annual renewable term rates up to age 98.
  • End your coverage at any time to access the current cash value.

Options to increase your protection
These optional riders, available at an additional cost, are subject to state availability.

FREE! Accelerated Benefits for Terminal Illness rider
This rider advances up to 50% of your policy’s death benefit if you are diagnosed as terminally ill. The amount not advanced is payable upon death. There is no premium charge for this rider. It is issued automatically with your base policy.

Critical Illness rider
This $5,000 benefit is payable when you are first diagnosed6 with cancer (except skin cancer), heart attack, stroke or end-stage renal failure. The benefit has a 30-day waiting period, is payable one time and does not reduce your death benefit.

Total and Permanent Disability Benefits Waiver of Premium rider
This rider waives policy and rider premiums if you become totally, permanently disabled. The waiver period is six months after you become totally, permanently disabled until you recover or reach age 60.

Accidental Death Benefit rider
This rider doubles the death benefit up to $150,000 if you die as the result of a covered accident on the road, at work or at home.

Children’s Term Insurance rider
With this rider, you can select $10,000 term life insurance coverage for each of your eligible children.

Choose your life insurance with confidence

Your policy offers high benefits and economical premiums with a variety of options to meet your budget. Your death benefit is paid to beneficiaries income-tax free when you pass away.

Your coverage can go to age 65 and beyond, to protect you and your family throughout your working years and into retirement.

Your policy can accumulate cash value over time. You can access any accumulated cash value at any time by surrendering your policy and riders.

Your rates are guaranteed not to increase prior to age 65. At age 65 and into retirement, your premium payments end, and your coverage converts to a lower death benefit.

Your policy is portable and always belongs to you. You can keep it if you change jobs or retire.