Short-Term Disability Insurance

Helping you pay your bills if you’re disabled and unable to work

How am I going to pay my bills?

That’s one of the first questions people ask when they’re unable to work because of an accident or injury.

If you were disabled, how would you answer this question? Would you and your family be able to cover ongoing bills and expenses even without your income?

What’s your answer?
Short-term disability insurance is a simple solution, with benefits that are flexible, affordable and easy to use.

Wage Guard short-term disability insurance from Washington National provides:

  • Weekly payments directly to you.
  • Weekly benefit amounts of $70 up to $1,700.
  • Waiver of premium during disability periods.
  • Convenient payroll deduction
How does Wage Guard work?

It’s simple: Wage Guard pays weekly benefits to supplement your household income if you’re disabled and can’t work.

  • Benefits are payable when you experience a covered sickness or injury.
  • Payments begin the first day after your plan’s elimination period and continue throughout the benefit period or until you’re no longer disabled.
  • Benefits are subject to the pre-existing condition limitations period defined by your plan.
Don’t get caught off guard by an accident or illness.

A disability could keep you from working, but it shouldn’t impact your lifestyle. With flexible, affordable Wage Guard coverage, you can receive weekly benefit payments to supplement your household income, so you’re not caught off guard by a disability.