Supplemental Universal Life Insurance

Take care of those who care about you.

Protect what you’ve earned.

You strive each day to create a comfortable lifestyle for yourself and your family—providing all the necessities and a few special luxuries for the people you love most. One of your primary responsibilities is to care for them today—and to ensure they’re cared for in the future if you’re unable to do so.

Be prepared with Worksite UL2.
Worksite UL2 provides valuable universal life insurance protection. It also offers you a way to accumulate cash value and earn interest on a tax-deferred basis.

Coverage is simple and flexible.
You determine the premium amount you can afford to pay, starting at $4 a week through payroll deduction.

  • As your needs change, you can change your premium amount and benefit level to fit.
  • You can choose to increase, decrease, skip or stop payments any time as long as your cash value can cover your policy’s monthly deductions.
  • You can protect yourself and your family members by purchasing individual policies for your spouse, children and/or grandchildren.
  • Policies may be purchased through age 70.
  • Children policies may be purchased from the age of 15 days through 23 years. Grandchildren policies may be purchased from age 15 days through 18 years.
  • Spouse policies may be purchased up to $49,999. No spouse signature is required in most states.


Accelerated Benefit for Terminal Illness rider
Provided at no additional charge and automatically added to each policy, this rider will advance up to 75% of the death benefit if an insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Upon the insured’s death, the remaining benefit amount will be paid to the designated beneficiary.

A terminal illness is defined as an illness from which the insured is not expected to recover and is expected to die within 12 months from the date of certification by a licensed physician.

Choose to add any of the following riders to your Worksite UL2 policy to enhance your protection.

Accidental Death Benefit rider
This rider provides an additional payment equal to the base policy’s face value in the event of your accidental death.

This rider may be purchased up to age 65.

Children’s Level Term Insurance rider
This rider may be issued for children from the age of 15 days through 18 years. The rider provides level term life insurance for each qualified child until he or she turns 23 or the base insured reaches age 65, whichever comes first. At that point, the rider can be converted to the child’s own nonterm policy, with no evidence of insurability required. The new policy’s face amount may equal up to five times the coverage amount purchased with this rider.

Choose either:

  • $5,000 coverage at $0.57 per week
  • $10,000 coverage at $1.15 per week
With either option, the weekly premium covers all qualified children in your family. As your family grows, additional children are automatically covered at 15 days of age with no premium increase.

Automatic Benefit Increase rider
Gain extra protection against the effects of inflation when you select this rider for yourself and/or your spouse. Your coverage increases in value automatically for a specified period without any evidence of insurability.

Choose from these options:

  • Employee and spouse age 60 and younger: $1 per week for 5 years
  • Employee age 55 and younger: $1 per week for 10 years
  • Employee age 55 and younger: $2 per week for 5 years

Waiver of Stipulated Premium rider
This rider waives the monthly stipulated premium if the insured becomes totally disabled for six months or more. The waived amount is equal to the amount of stipulated premium in effect on the date of disability. Premiums can be waived up to the policy anniversary after the insured turns 65 or for two years (whichever is longer), up to $25,000 per year.

This rider may be purchased up to age 55 and is available only when the base policy is issued. The rider will terminate at age 65.

Advantages of a universal life policy

Choose a premium level that fits your budget.

Your spouse, children and grandchildren are eligible for coverage, even if you decide not to participate.

You can have your premiums deducted from your paycheck on a regular basis.

If your employment status changes, you can keep your universal life insurance protection in force.

A short, simple application is usually all that’s required to apply. In some cases, you can qualify without answering any health questions.

Design your life insurance coverage to suit your present needs. If your situation changes, you can adjust your premiums and amount of coverage.

You earn interest on your policy’s accumulated cash value—interest that grows over time on a tax-deferred basis (under current tax laws). Interest accrues at competitive rates, guaranteed not to fall below 3%.

Your universal life policy builds cash value that increases over time.